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Effective August 1, 2016

Caprock Health Group is pleased to announce the roll out of our enhanced web portal effective August 1, 2016. The Caprock Web Portal allows you 24/7 access to claims, eligibility and communication tools. Using the portal, you can conduct business activities electronically, boosting efficiency and reducing time spent on the phone. As of August 1, 2016, Providers and Members will be able to utilize this enhanced web portal by setting up a new account. If you need additional assistance or incur an error, please email Customer Support at

Welcome to Caprock Services...

Caprock HealthPlans is a Texas based Third Party Administrator formed in June of 2000. It is an employee owned company with a rich heritage and a very bright future fully invested in providing you superior health plan options and services. Our greatest resource is found in our people and in their desire to anticipate our member's needs and provide them with service above and beyond their expectation.

We offer turnkey self-funded health plan administration and reporting in a multi-faceted model with real time transaction reporting. Caprock HealthPlans provides integrated claim and benefit administration, pharmacy benefit service, population management, care management and wellness, provider network/PPO, and risk management specific to the employer health plan being served.

Caprock HealthPlans has the experience our clients and agents rely on to handle the administration of their benefit plans. Our focus is helping employers manage long-term health care costs through driving member behavior change, creating healthier consumers, and incorporating highly effective cost containment strategies.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you!